against murderous resource extraction corporations

indigenous and environmental activists being exterminated in oaxaca, mexico

Drug-related violence has dominated recent reporting on Mexico. However, in addition to the country’s struggle with organized crime networks, multiple governance issues continue to hamper political, social, and economic progress. Two areas of persistent deficits are minority issues, particularly indigenous rights, which are often violated despite Mexico’s formal recognition of its “multicultural” status; and a lack of democratic accountability at the state level.

from the zapatistas:







Partners, companeros:

The attacks aagainst the community of San Juan Copala Triqi – now displaced from their village by the evil government and their henchmen – is aimed at women and men who have good heart enough to denounce the evil and powerful ambitions which know no limits, and who do not consent to become dispersed from their community, the people of Copala, even outside of their land, are still being massacred by paramilitaries in the service of this damned capitalist system, who have the nerve to denounce these people as being on the left.

Yesterday afternoon, as they walked to peer Copala, Yosoyuxi Teresa Ramírez Sánchez and Serafin Ubaldo were brutally murdered, and comrade Jordan Ramírez González was seriously wounded (and later died). The latest reports we have is that Jordan could not be treated at the Hospital of criminals Juxtlahuaca,  because the gunmen were outside. Not satisfied with that, the armed men went on patrol, looking for our friend to finish him off while the police do nothing. This is because Jordan was a committed comrade and he was the last to leave Copala on 19 September. First, he wanted to be sure none of his companions were left behind, only then did he decide to leave.

paraphrased from rough translation, from  Oaxaca: New Aggression In San Juan Copala: 2 Killed And One Seriously Injured – Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources


Environmental Activist Bernardo Vásquez Sánchez Murdered in Oaxaca


A well-known environmental activist in Oaxaca, Mexico was murdered Thursday night in a highway ambush about an hour south of the state capital. Thirty-two year old Bernardo Vásquez Sánchez – a vocal opponent to a Canadian-owned mining project – was shot multiple times in the chest when armed men attacked his car along the road which connects his hometown, San Jose del Progreso, to the regional hub of Ocotlán.

Armed group attacks Triqui community of displaced

An attack by an armed group carried out against the community of San Pedro River Valley, primarily made up of displaced persons from San Juan Copala, Putla de Guerrero Oaxaca,  .

In this regard, the Centre for Human Rights and Advice for Indigenous Peoples (Dedhapi), said that on Tuesday May 8, about 14 hours, a gray double cab, inside which several people were traveling, forcibly entered the community.

Attackers fired shots against some houses and killed Jaime Martinez and Joaquin Ramirez N, natives of San Miguel Copala, as well as Eulogio López Aguilar.

The group said the January 25, 2012, at approximately 6 am, San Pedro River Valley, San Juan Copala, comprising 66 people, was raided by some 200 elements of the Preventive Police heavily armed state board of 20 patrols, in order to evict them from land.

Despite the fact that they arrested Cornelio Martinez Ramirez 28-year-old Manuel Francisco Ramirez 70 years old, Jaime Ramirez 16 years old, and so far no one knows where they are.

translated from spanish from

2010 Oaxaca Ambush Highlights Another Governance Challenge for Mexico

One attack on humanitarian workers in Oaxaca state illustrates the severity of these problems. On April 27, 2010, gunmen attacked a convoy of 25 Mexican and European activists who were bringing food and supplies to the inhabitants of San Juan Copala, a self-defined autonomous indigenous community that has been under siege since January by a paramilitary group known as the Union for the Wellbeing of the Triqui Region (UBISORT). The militia has been tied to the state-level Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the party that led Mexico unchallenged between 1929 and 2000 and continues to reign in Oaxaca under the leadership of Governor Ulises Ruiz. Of the 25 workers, two were shot and killed: Jyri Jaakkola, a Finnish human rights observer, and Beatriz Alberta Carino, the director of a local NGO. At least two others were injured, and six were missing. Four of the missing persons, including two missing journalists, surfaced on Thursday. A survivor reported that the attackers revealed themselves as members of UBISORT and claimed to act with the governor’s support. The identity and motive of the group, however, have not been verified, and the state government has denied involvement.

from freedom house

for more on the background of this campaign of terror, see previous post:

 International Day of Action in Solidarity with the Autonomous Municpality of San Juan Copala, Oaxaca, Mexico


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