against murderous resource extraction corporations

mapuche community under attack for defending themselves against settler violence

Hours after a police officer shot during a search of a Mapuche Indian community in the southern region of Araucania died of his wounds, Chilean officials announced a special committee to address the problem of violence in the area.
Sgt. Hugo Albornoz of the Carabineros – Chile’s militarized national police – died Monday night at the hospital in Temuco, Araucania Gov. Andres Molina said.

The sergeant was shot while providing cover for a search of the Mapuche community of Wente Winkul Mapu, commanders said., a Web site associated with Mapuche activists, said residents of Wente Winkul Mapu have been trying to recover Indian land currently held by three forestry companies and land baron Juan de Dios Fuentes.

Monday’s search came two days after at least six hooded men shot at a Carabineros post set up to protect Fuentes’ estate.

The head of the Carabineros, Gustavo Gonzalez, told reporters at the scene of Albornoz’s fatal shooting called the assault an ambush and said that two other officers were wounded.

via Latin American Herald Tribune – Chilean Cop Shot During Search of Indian Community Dies.

of course, when corporations and wealthy landowners steal from and murder indigenous people, the media takes little notice. when the threatened communities fight back, they are terrorists.

according to liberacion total, ten houses were ransacked by the thugs in uniform – which included members of the GOPA – the special operations unit of the police forces. all that was found were a shotgun and a balaclava – enough “evidence” to detain two women who occupied the houses where the offensive hunting weapon and mask were found.

the article goes on to say that the local mapuche community has been fighting to prevent the racist land owner and timber companies from illegally taking mapuche land.

Sargento de carabineros muere tras ser baleado durante allanamiento a comunidad mapuche en La Araucanía


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